About Us

The “CJD Hans-Georg Karg Kindertagesstätte” is an institution for childcaring, which takes care of talented and normally gifted children in the age of three to six. Compared to other institutions in our kindergarten the number of educators is increased to offer an individual advancement for every child.

Our kindergarten is not an elite school, but an inclusive institution. The places are shared by normally gifted and talented children with and without inclusion assistance. The children come from the district as well as from all over Nuremberg.

Talented children should not grow up in isolation, but should learn together with normally gifted children and children with integration support to become involved in their social environment and to develop patience, tolerance and helpfulness.

To support the children’s development we pay particular attention to opportunities of participation (e.g. the “Kinderbeirat”, child-initiated projects and “service-learning”).

Our daily routine is accompanied by workshops and excursions.

We receive special assistance from our “therapy dog” Bruno.

We maintain close contact with all families and exchange information at least once a year in a development meeting. The parents' council shares responsibility for the tasks in the kindergarten. There are regular joint celebrations, parents' letters and parents' evenings, so that parents can also participate in the kindergarten's everyday life. 

Furthermore we provide the possibility to get a consultation for families. Diagnostic test can be carried out by a psychologist. For educational staff we are open for consultation and collegial exchange.

Our project “Kinderakademie” offers special workshops for children over the age of five at the weekends.

Ihre Ansprechpartnerin

Frau Beatrix Hirschbolz-Ter

Grünstr. 17
90439 Nürnberg

Telefon: 0911/9657753
Fax: N.N.

Mo bis Do 7.30 bis 16.30 Uhr
Fr 7.30 bis 15 Uhr

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